ISOE Publications

Serial Publications

ISOE-Studientexte (ISOE Studies)

Publications in this series consist mainly of monographs and tend to present the results of research projects. They are aimed at societal actors with a scientific background and at scientists. 

ISOE-Materialien Soziale Ökologie (ISOE Materials Social Ecology)

In this series ISOE publishes various materials, for example partial results, brochures or conference proceedings for a wider public. The target groups for this material include both scientists and laypersons involved in social-ecological issues.

ISOE-Diskussionspapiere (ISOE Discussion Papers)

Discussion papers present provisional results of ISOE projects and new concepts in need of further development. The aim of this series is to stimulate peer-checking of ongoing work.

Handbooks, brochures

Practical handbooks and brochures are intended to communicate basic and practical knowledge gained through research. In order to ensure that the results of research meet with a practical response, they help to reach the relevant actors, decision makers and disseminators quickly and informatively.